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A geotechnical investigation to rely on.

The accurate assessment of the geotechnical parameters of the foundation soil of a project is of major importance for its successful delivery, during the preliminary evaluation of the investment, as well as during the detailed design and construction phases of the project. Erroneous assessment of the geotechnical conditions at a site may lead to disastrous results from a construction perspective – high underground water table, differential settlements of foundations, sliding and fracturing of the structure, total collapse or deviation from the vertical as well as in terms of budget exceedance, due to problems that arise during construction, delays and safety hazards that may come up from unpredicted geotechnical conditions.
If you are a contractor, consulting engineer, real estate agent or supervising engineer, you will need accurate and reliable information to be able to make quick decisions in all phases of the project, minimizing the risks and uncertainties. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you the information upon which you can safely rely on.
With over 30 years of experience and a significant documentation of geological and geotechnical information at our disposal, you may rest assured that we will provide the appropriate data and will not spend your time and budget on unnecessary information.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


How are the extent and depth of a geotechnical investigation defined?

The extent (number of bore holes or penetrometer tests) of a geotechnical investigation is defined in the case of building projects by the National Seismic Design Code (EAK-2000) depending on the seismicity of the area of interest (I, II or III), the class of the seismic hazard of the foundation soil (A, B, Γ, Δ or Χ) and the significance of the structure (Σ1, Σ2, Σ3 or Σ4). In the case of marine projects, this is defined depending on the length of the quay platforms. On the contrary, there is no regulatory provision for the required depth of investigation in the case of building projects, which in the case of marine projects this is a function of the sea depth in the area of construction of the facility.

Nevertheless, based on current practice, for the optimum representation of the prevailing geotechnical conditions in the area of interest, the minimum required number of investigation spots (bore holes or penetrometer positions) is three (3), preferably arranged in a triangular grid.


When is a geotechnical investigation required?

The requirement for the execution of a geotechnical investigation for buildings and its extent are defined in the National Seismic Design Code (EAK-2000) depending on the seismicity of the area of interest (I, II, or III), the class of the seismic hazard of the foundation soil (A, B, Γ, Δ or Χ) and the significance of the structure (Σ1, Σ2, Σ3 or Σ4).

Even though this is not mandatory, it is important to be acknowledged that with appropriate and timely investigation of the geotechnical conditions of a project it is possible to save time and money not only during construction, by reducing the unexpected problems (high water table, problems and delays during excavation and concreting of the foundation and the underground floors, inferior foundation soil, unsupported slopes and failures, settlement issues of adjacent structures) but during the lifetime and operation of the project as well. The latter is achieved by reducing the possibilities of cracks and displacements of the bearing structure, due to settlement or expansion of the foundation soil, high humidity and water intrusion within the underground spaces, as a result of underestimating the true level of the ground water table.


Can you supervise my project?

Our company undertakes the supervision and quality control of geotechnical works, ensuring cost-efficiency, quality, security and economy throughout all the stages of a project.

How much does a geotechnical investigation cost?

The cost of a geotechnical investigation project depends on the method as well as its extent. This is a function of the size and nature of the project. Please contact us with the information of the project and we will directly provide you with the necessary information and the related investigation costs.

I have a geotechnical study/investigation. Can you check it for me?

Our company undertakes the control of geotechnical investigations and studies, so that you are confident that what you have in your hands is in accordance to the latest standards and specifications. In parallel, we provide alternative solutions and improvements, which can offer you with significant technical as well as financial benefits.