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Giorgos Andreadis



Degree in Geology – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1992)


Geologist, member of the permanent scientific staff of GEOCONSULT Ltd. since 1992 and partner since 2000. He has significant experience in the following main work subjects related to geotechnical studies and investigations:

  • Planning and supervision of geotechnical field works (drilling, penetrometer tests, exploratory boreholes etc.)
  • Execution of laboratory tests in soil and rock mechanics
  • Participation in the presentation and evaluation of the geotechnical investigations’ results
  • Participation in carrying out geotechnical studies (mainly in subjects related to stability analyses of soil and rock slopes and retaining structures, stability analyses of rock wedges, analyses and dimensioning of reinforced earth, analyses of rock falls, settlement and bearing capacity calculations).

Additionally, he has significant experience in the following fields related to geological studies and investigations:

  • Field studies in the context of geological mapping and geological reconnaissance projects
  • Compilation of geologic maps, geologic sections and profiles
  • Compilation of tectonic charts, determination of potential slope sliding and rock mass classification
  • Compilation of geologic technical reports

Finally, his experience extends to the following working areas regarding environmental studies:

  • Field investigations as part of environmental studies
  • Compilation of maps of environmental interest
  • Evaluation and environmental impact assessment
  • Compilation of environmental reports
  • Setting up of studies for preliminary environmental impact studies, detailed environmental studies and for preliminary sitting studies.

He has participated in the execution of numerous geotechnical, geological and geo-environmental studies and surveys, which cover a wide range of private and public works of all classes (sanitary landfills, biological wastewater treatment facilities, industrial and building projects, port works, roads, hydraulic projects, environmental works, landslides etc.).