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About us

GEOCONSULT Ltd was founded in 1992, with the purpose to carry out site investigations, studies and provide consulting services in Greece and abroad, in the field of geotechnical engineering for infrastructure, development and environmental projects.

The staff of the company has extensive geotechnical engineering experience and over the last 30 years has been involved in

  • Over 700 geotechnical investigations throughout Greece
  • Participation in major geotechnical and foundation designs for projects in Greece and abroad.
  • Organizing and carrying out studies abroad.

Whatever the scale of the project, we seek to understand its interaction with the ground environment, to identify the geotechnical problems and to evaluate economic engineering solutions using the best of traditional and innovative methods.

The company can provide all the necessary drilling and sampling equipment for any kind of soil investigation. The company is supported by its own modern, certified laboratory, capable of carrying out both conventional and specialized soil, rock and water tests.

Based in Athens, GREECE, we can offer our services in clients from all branches, of the public and private sector.

Our Philosophy

Challenge. Professionalism. Stable and successful collaborations.

Every new project and collaboration is a new challenge for us. A challenge, which we need to face and manage the best way we can, based on our experience as well as the continuously changing and evolving facts in the design and construction practices of a project.

Our approach, experience and project management philosophy allows us to foresee any geotechnical issues, recognize unseen dangers and propose suitable construction solutions quickly and professionally.

As a company, we are able to complete every project within the shortest possible time frame, without making any compromises in safety and quality. We always aim in proposing the optimum solution to your geotechnical-related problem, both technically and financially. A precise solution you can rely on without doubts.

That way, we continue providing professional solutions and preserve permanent and long-lasting collaborations!

Development & Innovation.

At GEOCONSULT Ltd, we firmly believe that there is always room for improvement. We know that there is always a way to do something better. This may involve better equipment, an improved procedure or new technique, or an entirely new methodology of analysis.

We take advantage of all the new information that we have available: information from our clients, conversations with contractors, ideas from our colleagues, as well as keeping ourselves informed on the latest developments and innovations in the field of geotechnical engineering. We are in search of innovative solutions that will provide our clients with better and financially sustainable solutions, as well as greater safety, less delays, faster services, always ensuring the quality of the information and the services that we provide.

We use traditional techniques and equipment at places where we know that optimum results can be obtained, but in parallel we design a better future to satisfy our customers’ requirements to the best possible way and establish long-lasting relations and collaborations.