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Our Team

Our company’s staff includes Civil Engineers - Geotechnicians, Geologists - Geophysicists, Technicians and Administrative employees.

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Our personnel is highly experienced in the participation in major geotechnical investigations and foundation design projects in Greece and abroad, as well as in the planning and execution of large-scale international geotechnical projects.

For each project, of any scale, our philosophy builds upon understanding its interaction with the foundation soil, recognizing all associated geotechnical challenges and evaluating both technically and financially the available alternative solutions, using widely established traditional and contemporary methods.

We are involved in the execution of geotechnical investigations and studies all over Greece since 1992. Within those years, our company has grown in size and experience in all kinds of geotechnical projects.


The technical staff of the company has extensive experience in participating and delivering geotechnical studies in Greece and abroad, in small and large scale projects.


Our company’s administrative personnel numbers three (2) administrative and general duty employees, and has long experience in the organization, planning and execution of major projects in Greece and abroad.