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Maria Pagoulatou



Degree in Geology – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1986)


Geologist, with professional experience since 1986.

Member of the permanent scientific staff of GEOCONSULT Ltd. since 1997 as head of the soil and rock mechanics laboratory. She has extensive experience in the following work areas, related to geotechnical studies and investigations:

  • Planning and supervision of geotechnical field studies (bore holes, penetrometer tests, exploratory boreholes, in situ tests etc.)
  • Organization of the soil and rock mechanics laboratory
  • Planning and execution of lab tests in soil and rock mechanics
  • Presentation and assessment of the results of geotechnical investigations

Additionally, she has significant experience in the supervision, control and monitoring of geotechnical works as well as in the planning and execution of in situ tests during construction.

Her experience also covers planning and supervision of onsite quality controls during the different construction stages of various projects.

She has participated in the design of numerous geotechnical, geological and geo-environmental studies and surveys, which cover a wide range of private and public works of any category (sanitary landfills, biological wastewater treatment facilities, industrial and building projects, port works, roads, hydraulic works, environmental projects, landslides etc.).